Payoneer provides you with a flexible and easy way to receive your royalties.
Register here for benefits exclusive to BMI affiliates:
No annual fee. 1% transaction fee is waived for all BMI payments.

Why Payoneer

Greater Flexibility
From your Payoneer account, choose how to withdraw your funds
Faster Payments
Receive your funds in minutes to your Payoneer account
Lower Fees
Avoid excessive transfer fees

How It Works

Sign Up
to Payoneer and receive your USD receiving account details
your BMI Online Services account with your USD receiving account details
your BMI earnings to your Payoneer account
Withdraw Funds
to your local bank account or using your Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard®

Benefits of the Payoneer account

Receive funds from anywhere in the world to one consolidated place!
From the Payoneer account you can:

Withdraw funds from Payoneer to your local bank account or to your home country

  • Fast - Access your funds in 1-3 business days
  • Local - Receive funds in your local currency
  • Low-cost - Enjoy low and competitive transaction costs
  • Supported- Real time email notifications when your funds arrive

Pay anyone in the Payoneer network for FREE

  • Global - Pay anyone in the Payoneer network, anywhere in the world
  • Simple - All you need is their email address
  • Free - You won’t pay anything, even in case of international payment
  • Fast - Payments arrive within 2 hours

Already Have a Payoneer Account?

You are welcome to link an existing Payoneer account for your royalty payments, but to take advantage of benefits offered exclusively to BMI affiliates* you must register an account via this webpage (BMI displayed at the top).

If you choose to register for another Payoneer account, you will need to use a different email address.
You will also need to enter your new USD banking details and email address in your BMI Online Services account.

*No annual fee; 1% transaction fee waived for all BMI payments

How to register

Register with Payoneer

Getting started

Fill out all of the fields that follow (name, email address, DOB) as prompted. Note that the email address which you submit will become your Payoneer username, to which you will receive all communications related to your payments and Payoneer account. Also keep in mind that the information provided will be scanned and reviewed by our KYC engines*, and you may be prompted to provide additional documentation for verification.

* As a tightly-regulated company in the financial space, Payoneer must comply with the rules and regulations imposed by multiple governments, MasterCard®, and global banking partners in order to protect clients' funds and prevent money laundering. Accordingly, account holders may be required to submit specific documentation that will assist in ensuring the safety and security of all transactions made via Payoneer. As part of the process, the following documentation may be requested of you: A copy of your ID, a Certificate of Incorporation, a Utility Bill, a Bank Statement, etc.)

Contact details

For the second step of registration, you will need to complete your contact details. If registering as an individual, you will need to input your personal phone number and mailing address. If registering as a company, you will need to input the address at which your company is incorporated, along with your business phone number.

Security details

For the third step of registration, you will be prompted to choose your password and security question for user verification.

Almost done

The final step of registration will require you to submit your banking details. Note that the fields will adapt according to your selected banking country and currency of choice to accommodate the requirements of our local banking partners.
You will get paid in your local currency.
Please ensure that ALL details shared are accurate and up to date. Incorrect banking details will result in delayed or failed transfers.

Once you complete all fields, look over our Terms & Conditions, Privacy & Cookie Policy, and our Pricing & Fees

Contact Payoneer Support

Got a Question? We’ve Got Your Back
At Payoneer, we strive to make everything as seamless and easy as it can be. But naturally, you’re bound to have some questions. Luckily, we’re always here to help. Our customer care center is open and available 24/7 to assist you in 16+ languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

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